About the grit institute

The Grit Institute is the culmination of three years of research into grit, including most notably the lessons, stories and and candid recommendations from general officers, military aviators over three generations, submariners, rescue swimmers and other outstanding leaders. Recognizing recent studies pinpointing GRIT as the most critical skill for success in today's world, The Grit Institute focuses on ways its members can develop their own GRIT.

Now, in The Grit Institute, this invaluable wisdom has been collected into one location. The capstone of The Grit Institute is GRIT: THE CHALLENGE, an exclusive course to identify and develop GRIT. 

GRIT: THE CHALLENGE participants are welcome to repeat the course as often as they like, and return to reference the videos and stories as they need it. Free downloads are available for reference and inspiration. A private Facebook group provides community. Additional videos will be added answering specific questions of participants. By story and example, this cohort of outstanding women become virtual mentors for anyone, women or men, who want to develop their own leadership and grit.



After eight years in uniform as one of the Army's first women Apache pilots, Shannon Huffman Polson never stopped looking for challenges, including high mountains, long-course triathlons and journeys to Alaska's Arctic epic in their challenge emotionally and physically. For three years, she has interviewed women in the vanguard of their military fields as part of The Grit Project to better understand shared stories and lessons in leadership and grit to inspire other leaders in ways she would have liked to be inspired herself. The Grit Institute is a culmination of that work toward the mission of collecting and providing resources for leader at all stages of their careers.


The Grit Institute: Inspiration