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We are thrilled to help you explore leadership journeys for your organization.

Courses and training are supported with videos, readings and worksheets to deeply internalize the concepts and make them your own.

Going for Grit is the signature course of The Grit Institute. This course follows the structure of The Grit Factor, story-based learning pulled from the latest research in leadership and grit with tactical exercises to deeply internalize the work and make it your own.

Additional leadership journeys go deeper into each aspect of going for grit.

Paths to Purpose: Connection to purpose is critical for employee engagement and retention. Paths to purpose takes Going for Grit deeper, exploring additional approaches to purpose from cultures around the world and ending with a proprietary exercise that combines all frameworks to create your personalized approach to purpose.

It takes a team: working through examples of teams working together, and how to thoughtfully construct the different parts of your success team and invest in relationships, personal and professional. A key part of well being, team building and individual leader development.

Active Listening: The most critical leadership skill any person or team of people can develop, deeply related to both employee engagement and retention, as well as customer satisfaction. Video and workbook supported. Participants will also be paired for exercises online or in person twice a week.

Bricks and mortar: building the skills of grit and resilience: With focus on specific exercises and long term application of work drawn from the Army’s Master Resilience Training Program and the university of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Program, this is lifetime success oriented in all aspects of life.

Mindset Matters: What exactly does mindset mean? How does optimism drive success? How can you develop it? This course looks at case studies and exercises that will develop a healthy mindset to drive long term success.

Risk taking, adaptability and creativity: Key skills in times of change. Leaders understand that risk and failure are part of the path to success, but many environments don’t encourage this work, and employees are loath to go out on a limb. (This course develops creative, enthusiastic leaders and augmentation with in-person workshops recommended but not required).