grit: the challenge



Who needs GRIT? If you care about your success, you do. GRIT is the most important indicator of success from the working world to athletics to personal goals and enduring and growing from tragedy. Maybe you need GRIT to get through a challenging situation right now, or maybe you want to develop and train your grit for a future challenge expected or not. Either way, you've come to the right place. No matter what your reason for being here, GRIT: THE CHALLENGE will make you better.

What is GRIT: THE CHALLENGE? A four- week course developed especially for your journey of grit. At the Grit Institute, we believe GRIT is a muscle, just like any other. It can be developed, and it needs to be exercised. How do you do that? Sign up for GRIT: THE CHALLENGE. Through a carefully constructed program you'll learn to identify your CORE PURPOSE, define your own narrative, set and work toward goals you never imagined possible. You'll follow our unique method of COMMIT-LEARN-LAUNCH, steps which must be practiced repeatedly and concurrently.

Initially, The Grit Institute is offering this program for FREE. Use it, use it again, invite your friends. After that there will be a fee, and options for individual and group or organizational plans. Don't miss the opportunity to develop this most critical life skill, owning your GRIT. Start GRIT: THE CHALLENGE, today.



We believe that GRIT is not reserved for fighter pilots or mountain climbers. GRIT is innate to every single one of us. It's an essential component to leadership at every level, in our personal and professional lives. You find GRIT at the intersection of your passion and your CORE purpose. Want a roadmap? We'll get you there. 

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You commit. You learn. And then you LAUNCH. How do you put what you've learned into practice? It's time to get your boots dirty.

The Grit Institute provides unlimited access to GRIT: The Challenge, to bring your daily exercises in the practice of grit.

What else will you find? Free downloads and printables, and an invitation to an exclusive Private Facebook group.



Through stories and visuals, we inspire you to reach your goals by connecting to your core purpose and owning your grit. We connect you with curated reading and video to connect to the stories of others who tutor you on your own journey through their experiences.