About The Grit Institute

Facilitated leadership journeys and on-demand pathways building courageous, compassionate and creative leaders with a focus on grit and resilience in times of change.


About The Grit Institute

Facilitated leadership journeys and on-demand pathways building courageous, compassionate and creative leaders with a focus on grit and resilience in times of change.



Tailored Training in Leadership and Grit

The Grit Institute operates with a whole leader approach, training leadership, purpose and grit through story and with proven research, tactics, and techniques.

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What is The Grit Institute?

The Grit Institute is a leadership consultancy offering on demand leadership journey pathways, facilitated leadership journeys and custom programming for cultural transformation supporting innovation and resilience.

The Grit Institute considers the whole leader approach, providing leadership journeys developed from top military performers teaching skills and frameworks to achieve your most ambitious goals, overcome the most challenging obstacles, and live your most fulfilling life with a focus on building grit and resilience.

Cutting Edge Content

The research behind Going for Grit draws from both time-tested leadership techniques and the latest research, all informed by experience on the front lines. This course shares the research foundations with the successful book, The Grit Factor. 

Focused Resources

Our worksheets, videos, and exercises are designed to bring key learnings to life and pull you into the core of the most valuable material, helping you make these new skills your own by internalizing these lessons to take them forward into your next challenge.

Self Paced Training

This course is designed with the student in mind. As our world gets busier and busier, it's critical that we continue to make room for learning. Complete this 15-hour course at your own pace with engaging and inspirational material in every module. 

Story -Based Lessons

Learn from stories, lessons, and tactical exercises that are drawn from leaders in the vanguards of their fields. The stories highlighted in this course are all female military leaders. Their experiences with grit and resilience provide insights for any learner.

Make It Happen.

Going for Grit, available as one journey or three shorter separate journeys, will help you understand what’s behind the grittiest people, and how to harness that grit to transform your own life and career. This six-week self-paced video and worksheet supported course instructs the whole leader in three areas: Commit, Learn and Launch, to overcome your biggest obstacles and build the system that will support and strengthen your personal grit.

Paths to Purpose, Recent studies show that connection to purpose is the most important factor in employee retention, engagement and performance. One of our most popular offerings, this journey introduces four approaches to finding your purpose. A meaningful investment in yourself and in your organization.


The Grit Factor Book by Shannon Huffman Polson
  • Steve Webber

    “Captivating and delivered everything that we could have wanted. A lot of buzz has been created around the presentation… She hit on all the topics we discussed in our initial discussion, leadership, adversity, innovation, change, living up to high standards, doing your best work under pressure, etc. It was perfect!

    Steve Webber
    Northwest Mutual
  • “Shannon was amazing! She did a great job summarizing the day and leaving our company energized to face the wind and fly through it! We couldn’t be happier.”

    Ball Ventures
  • A huge hit and very inspiring! As I type this, I am overhearing the clients talk about her and how they are planning to continue to pull her message through the rest of the meetings.”

    Biohaven Pharmaceuticals
  • “Shannon was AMAZING!!!!! Our team absolutely loved her and her message. Her story was spot on with our mission and our goals for the meeting. She was outstanding!”

    Nestle Health Science
  • "I loved everything about the presentation. Shannon has so much energy in her talk, and is a fantastic storyteller. I think everyone walked away feeling inspired and energized."