Have the last few years left you feeling lost? Without an anchor or questioning your direction? 

If this is you, you’re definitely not alone. 

With a global pandemic, social unrest, and uncertainty financially and politically around the world, people are leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers, and finding they need to reconnect to what matters most in work and in life.

But we aren’t given the path forward, the specific framework that helps us on this journey...

That's what The Grit Institute is here to deliver.

  • not having to worry about financial insecurity

  • being able to blast through excuses, take control of your own story (no matter what it is) to harness your strengths for future success

  • reigniting the fire you used to have to try new things and conquer new challenges

I've seen the results in my own life—and in that of others, from Fortune 100 companies to top business schools across the company. Now this same opportunity is available to you.


Shannon Huffman Polson is one of the first women to fly the Apache Helicopter in the U.S. Army and a veteran of Microsoft. An award winning author and global keynote speaker, Shannon is your guide in The Grit Institute courses.

"You might be thinking  that grit’s just about gutting through— what do you need to know from a course? Others of you might think that grit is something you either have or you don’t.

I get it.

Going for Grit is different than everything you’ve heard about grit. It’s a holistic approach to living a fuller life enforced by grit and resilience.

At the end of this course you’ll be:

meaningfully connected to your place in your own story and the contributions you’re making in the world

driven to move forward with a foundation of purpose and resolve

buttressed by stronger relationships

thoughtfully engaged personally and professionally

buoyed by the strength of a mindset for success

inspired to action

free to work and contribute authentically

able to adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

But more importantly, what do others say?

  • "By far the highlight of our meeting. Everyone loved her. 100% NPS for Shannon's training - world class!"

  • “I want to tell you, one week in, you have transformed me. I had come to view myself through a lens of limitations. I felt defeated and a product of these problems. But, as I followed your lessons…My journey line became one of power and strength versus weakness and defeat.”

  • “The training was impactful and helped me clarify my purpose! I also really enjoyed the small group work and the discussion from Huffman-Polson.”

Transform your life. Transform your work. Going for Grit:

Blast through excuses and take control of your own history (no matter what it might look like) to harness your strengths for future success, step-by-step

The tactical exercise you need to put this foundational approach into practice to make it your own—for life, for good, and have it stick, to create lasting change that won't fade—LONGEVITY

The research-backed method for connecting to your own personal core purpose to deepen your connection with your work and with life

The step by step approach to creating the environment you need for success so that you can overcome limitations

The most important skill senior leaders work to master leadership—and followership—at any level, laid out in simple steps

Tactical exercises to change your mindset from one of limitations to a mindset enabling your dreams- to put into play today!

Specific downloads to set up your own process to integrate this work with your manager or mentor—and in your own work—to ensure long term success

And much, much more!

Going For Grit for Organizations:

Book a call with Shannon to discuss bringing Going For Grit to your company.

Going for GRIT will transform your work, and with your focused attention, it will change your life.

If for some reason, you don’t agree with the incredible feedback we’ve had, send me your completed coursework back within eight weeks for a full refund!

The past few years have been hard for all of us. Your life and your work need this investment. You deserve this.

Don’t miss this incredible offer. Get started on Going for Grit today!