The mental well-being of our adolescents is of paramount concern in today's rapidly changing world. Recent statistics reveal a troubling trend—a significant decline in adolescent mental health and resilience. Now more than ever, it's crucial to equip our high school students with the tools to navigate life's challenges. 

That's why we developed "Going for Grit" specifically for young adults, a transformative course designed to fortify resilience, build grit, and foster essential skills for success in today's complex environment.

The Urgent Need for Resilience and Grit:

Alarming Statistics:
Recent studies show a concerning decline in adolescent mental health. Anxiety, stress, and feelings of inadequacy plague our young adults, impacting their academic performance and overall well-being.

The Solution Lies in Grit:
"Going for Grit" addresses this critical concern by focusing on cultivating resilience and grit in high school students in a holistic way. Drawing on Polson’s work in The Grit Factor and using The Grit Institute’s proprietary Grit Triad (™), this course is dedicated to empowering adolescents with the mental fortitude to thrive in the face of adversity.


What "Going for Grit" Offers:

1. Building Grit and Resilience:
Our curriculum is specifically designed to bolster resilience and grit among high schoolers. Through targeted modules and interactive sessions, students learn to navigate challenges with confidence and determination.

2. Critical Skills for Success:
Beyond resilience, "Going for Grit" nurtures teamwork and communication skills vital for success in today's interconnected world. Students develop the ability to collaborate effectively and articulate their ideas with clarity.

3. Empowering Future Leaders:
Equip your students with the essential toolkit for success. "Going for Grit" fosters leadership qualities, adaptability, and problem-solving skills necessary for future leaders.

How this course is structured

  • Six weeks of 45-50 minute modules intended to be taught by a facilitator to a cohort in class or after school, 

  • Story based learning introduce diverse role models to reinforce concepts

  • Learning modalities from individual work to small group and large group discussions, role playing and more. 

  • Detailed facilitator’s guide to ensure the success even of less experienced facilitators

  • Multiple forms of learning support for the cohort including short videos and audio files, as well as worksheet downloads 

  • Each day begins with a short movement exercise and ends with a short meditation

  • Learning accompanied by The Grit Factor

Why "Going for Grit" is Essential for Your High School:

Addressing the Crisis:
By enrolling your school in "Going for Grit," you contribute to combating the crisis in adolescent mental health. Empower your students to face challenges head-on and thrive in today's demanding world.

Holistic Skill Development:
This course isn't just about resilience—it's about equipping students with the tools they need for success, from grit and resilience to teamwork and communication. 

Measurable Impact:
Expect visible transformations in your students' mindset, collaboration abilities, and resilience, supported by comprehensive progress reports.

Nurture Resilience and Grit for Tomorrow's Leaders:

Invest in "Going for Grit" to empower your high school students for a future of success and mental fortitude.

Enroll Your High School Today and Secure a Future of Resilient and Empowered Leaders!

Give your students the advantage they need. Enroll your high school in "Going for Grit" and witness the transformative impact on student resilience and success.

Together, let's empower our students to overcome challenges and thrive in a world that demands resilience and grit.

Warm regards,

Founder, The Grit Institute