Employee engagement is at all time lows.

Longevity at jobs has plummeted, an expensive proposition for employers already struggling with other powerful forces of change. 

If you have people working for you in a large corporation or a smaller team, I’m willing to bet you resonate with these challenges. You may even resonate for yourself and your own work.

In the past several years, buffeted by a global pandemic, social unrest, financial and political instability, we’ve all felt uprooted, disconnected, questioning much of what we may have previously taken for granted. 


To make sense of what was happening in the workforce, several studies looked at what had emerged, and it turns out that a lack of connection to purpose is what’s driving a great deal of our dissatisfaction with work and life. This lack of personal and organizational purpose is reflected in the mental health crisis, as well as unprecedented numbers of workers leaving their jobs at all levels.

We NEED a sense of purpose in our lives to live a life of meaning and contribution. It turns out that research shows a direct correlation of purpose to longevity, performance, engagement—as well as relational, physical and mental well-being.


The need for this connection is universal. I've heard about it from every client, across industries and around the world. 

And that’s where Purpose Built Leadership was born.

What if I looked at the ways purpose was formed in different cultures and societies, and took the best of that to put together in a framework anyone could use? How would that help others live lives of purpose and meaning?

PATHS TO PURPOSE by Shannon Huffman Polson

That’s what Purpose Built Leadership delivers.

Built on the original work behind The Grit Factor and Going for Grit, Purpose Built Leadership brings you deeper into your own purpose, that which is uniquely yours, which drives your work and contribution in the world.

I’ve deployed this exact program to Fortune 100 companies to top business schools across the company. Now this same opportunity is available to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Purpose Built Leadership:

The first approach you need to blast through excuses and take control of your own history (no matter what it might look like) to harness your strengths for future success

The tactical exercise you need to put this foundational approach into practice to make it your own

The research backed method for connecting to your own personal core purpose to deepen your connection with your work and with life

An ancient approach to purpose that will completely change how you look at meaning in your own life, and the exercises to put it into practice

The unique western methodology adapting from practices around the world to arrive at purpose that you can connect to vocation

A proprietary exercise to represent your own purpose visually and meaningfully to guide your daily work and life

Tactics and techniques to bring your learning into practice through conversations with your mentors and managers, as well as integrating intp your day to day work

Specific downloads to set up your own process to integrate this work with your manager or mentor– and in your own work– to ensure long term success

And much, much more!


And people loved it. In a recent cohort, I received a note in my LinkedIn inbox that took my breath away. 

"By far the highlight of our meeting.’’

I want to tell you, one week in, you have transformed me. I had come to view myself through a lens of limitations. I felt defeated and a product of these problems. But, as I followed your lessons…My journey line became one of power and strength versus weakness and defeat.”

A program like this usually would cost thousands of dollars. To make it more accessible, The Grit Institute offers it at an unbelievably low price of $1379

That’s 6 weeks of doing the deep work on owning your story and connecting to purpose in a holistic way that gives you the tools to develop a life of meaning and contribution.

This offer is limited, so grab your spot today!


Purpose Built Leadership will transform your life.

If for some reason, you don’t agree with the incredible feedback we’ve had, send me your completed coursework back within eight weeks for a full refund. 

The past few years have been hard for all of us. Your life and your work need this investment. You deserve this.

Don’t miss this incredible offer. 

Get started on Paths to Purpose today! I can’t wait to hear how you see the changes manifest in your life.

All Grit Institute Learning Journeys include:

McKinsey reports show connection to personal purpose as critical in employee engagement, performance and longevity. Set up a call to discuss bringing Purpose Built Leadership to your organization.